Affordable Web Analytics
For Agile Companies

Created for quick-moving companies, B80 offers advanced analytics such as heatmaps, session recordings, goals and traditional traffic stats in a well-designed dashboard.
Advanced Analytics
High-Res Heatmaps
Session Recording

Welcome To B80

A modern analytics solution that doesn't break the bank.
Session recording
High res heatmaps
Advanced user profiling
Dashboard designed for 2021

Best Value in industry

B80 Analytics offers advanced features like heatmaps and session recordings - in addition to a standard web analytics platform. Our solution goes head to head with MouseFlow and HotJar, at a fraction of the cost.
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A Privacy-Centric Solution

Complete Data Ownership and Transparent Processing Practices. Lightweight mode. 100% GDPR compliance. Built with privacy in mind.
How Your Data Is Protected

Faster and Lighter Than Google Analytics – With More Features

Google Analytics is heavy and can negatively impact the loading time of your website.
45.7 KB
The total script size of GA when added via Tag Manager
The B80  Pixel integrates our entire platform and is only 8KBs.
They also don't offer heatmaps and session recording.
You spend so much on design/development, wouldn’t it be nice to know that it’s working?
Detailed Visitor Profiles
Session Recording
User Account Integration
Modern Platform
High Res Heatmaps

Easy WordPress Integration

The B80 Analytics Plugin helps you integrate the B80 Pixel into your WordPress website without touching any source code.
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Not Using WordPress?

No problem. Insert B80 into your website via our simple <script> tracking tag:
<script async src="" data-ignore-dnt="true"></script>
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On The Go Tracking With The B80 Analytics iOS App

A convenient way to check in on your website statistics. Review realtime traffic, identify trends, view session recordings.
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Simple Pricing



The ultimate analytics solution for a single site.

  • 100k Pageviews/mo
  • 250k Events/mo
  • 5 Goals
  • 1 Website
  • 5 Heatmaps
  • Email Reports
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Perfect for businesses or small agencies.

  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Goals
  • 6 Websites
  • 15 Heatmaps Per Site
  • Email Reports
  • Team System
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B80, created by a digital agency, understands bulk needs. Contact us to learn more about agency/custom pricing - we'll give you our best price based on PVs, team members, and other requirements.
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Compare and contrast. We're here for you every step of the way. Easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.

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Number Of Websites
Pageviews Per Month
Visitor Events Per Month
Data Retention for Visitors Events
Sessions Replays per month
Data Retention for Sessions Replays
# of Heatmaps
Tracked Goals
Monthly Email reports
Team System
Lightweight Mode
1 website
100K pageviews
250K Visitors Events
30 days
10 replays (more info)
7 days
3 heatmaps
5 Goals
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6 websites
unlimited pageviews
Unlimited events
180 days
100 Session Replays, per site
14 days
15 heatmaps, per site
unlimited goals
yes - learn more
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Need something else? We do custom plans (31% of our subscribers are on a custom setup). Reach out and we'll offer you our best bulk pricing. Perfect for digital agencies and larger organizations.

Solutions For

Small Business
Content Webistes

Ecommerce: Get the whole picture

An affordable platform that offers you actionable data. Seriously increase your website conversions by understating what makes users abandon their purchase. Figure out how real customers use your site with session recording, and validate designs with enterprise-level heatmap software.

No code goals system for checkout confirmation submissions
Default events like click and page scroll
Simple way to integrate logged in users (for profiles)
Understand how real humans use your shop

Helping Small Business Understand Their Visitors

Accurately understand where your visitors are coming from and what they're doing to properly optimize for conversion and credibility. Make use of our goals system to identify those that convert, review their session recordings, and optimize your flow.

No code goals system for form submissions
Default events like click and page scroll
Team system (unlimited accounts)
Visitor profiles for demographic data

For Content Sites Looking To Be Better

Whether you monetize with ads, memberships, or affiliate links, B80's Session Recording, Heatmaps, Goals System and advanced analytics platform makes it easy to understand how to increase clicks and grow your revenue.

Detailed goals tracking
Default events like click and page scroll
Team system (unlimited accounts)
Email Reports

For Privacy-Conscious Enterprise Applications

100% data ownership, total control, team capabilities, and enterprise level session tracking + heatmaps culminate in one of the best analytics platforms for organizations. Scalable to any requirements via our custom plans.

Up to unlimited websites
Bulk pricing
Team system (unlimited accounts)

The Analytics Solution For Digital Agencies

B80 was crafted by Isotropic, a leading digital agency, headquarter in North Carolina, USA. We understand your needs and would love to give you a custom-tailored plan that helps you best serve your customers.

Up to unlimited websites
Bulk pricing
Referral program if you don't want to manage the account
Universal integration to any CMS via simple JS

Easy to Understand Analytics

High Resolution Heatmaps For Data Visualization

Session Recording That Helps Optomize

You spend so much on design/development, wouldn’t it be nice to know that it’s working?
Detailed Visitor Profiles
Session Recording
User Account Integration
Modern Platform
High Res Heatmaps
B80 Analytics, An Offering By Isotropic