Lightweight Mode

Don’t want to worry about Legally collecting consent to comply with the GDPR additional privacy regulations? We got you.

Lightweight mode, which can easily be toggled on and off from our B80 Analytics dashboard, implements several features that allow you to understand your website’s traffic, without worrying about privacy infringement.

B80 Lightweight Mode:

  • < 6 kB tracking script
  • No cookies and no local storage
  • GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant
  • No tracking consent needed

Keep in mind, by using this mode your statistics will be less detailed, and you will not have access to session recordings. you can toggle between normal and lightweight mode at anytime.

This was created for a performance conscious, privacy conscious website, that wants to be completely compliant with all data security and privacy regulations, without needing to collect tracking consent.  

You spend so much on design/development, wouldn’t it be nice to know that it’s working?
Detailed Visitor Profiles
Session Recording
User Account Integration
Modern Platform
High Res Heatmaps

B80 Analytics: Values

An offering centered on performance, features, design and privacy. Made to be better than everybody else.
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Better Than Competitors

We go head to head with companies like HotJar and services like Google Analytics, winning on price, value, performance and privacy.
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B80 Analytics: The People

Meet the team behind the product. B80, an Isotropic offering, was created by developers who needed it.
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Incredible Design

Design for this decade our dashboard is easy to use and a joy to work with. The B80 platform effectively merges usability with aesthetics.
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B80 Analytics: The Company

B80 Analytics is an offering by Isotropic, a leading digital agency building WordPress websites.
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Privacy Oriented

Data hosed in the EU makes for easy GDPR Compliance. Lightweight mode requires no consent.
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B80 Analytics, An Offering By Isotropic